Central Cal Pest Control (CCPC) offers a strong knowledge of the Pest and Termite control industry. Combined with personal awareness and high ethical standards, CCPC Owner and Operator, Jon Munro, built a strong foundation of sound business practices and hard work dedicated to putting CCPC on the road to service and greatness from start to finish.



• Licensed Branch 2 (General Pest) – Control of General Pest (Residential and Commercial)

• Licensed Branch 3 (Termite) – Practice to Control Wood Destroying Pest or Organism by The Use of Insecticides, or Structural Repairs and Corrections,

• Worker Safety and Health Measures, Protection of the Public

• Integrated Pest Management/Pesticide Enforcement/Compliance Regulations

• Contract Law, Rules and Regulations required by State of California

• Insured, Licensed & Bonded as Regulated by the Structural Pest Control Board




1986     Established Central Cal Pest Control.

1989     Built a long-time relationship as a subcontractor with Wathen-Castanos, Inc., Fresno, CA pre-treating soil for new construction & other pest needs for their homes.

1990     Began working with Newton & Sons, Dinuba, a residential and commercial real estate firm performing pest and termite inspections.

2009    Commenced subcontracting with The McCaffrey Group, Inc., a local builder in Fresno, CA, pre-treating soil.

Additional Affiliations

Lennar, Inc., Cambridge Homes, Construction Manager & Pest Management Control

Prandini Realty

Mountain Valley Pest Control

Dave Munro Pest Service

Tri-County Paving: Grading


Executive Administration, MICHELE MUNRO


2009    Joined Central Cal Pest Control. Defined a well office organization for CCPC.




• Protection of the public and welfare of people and the environment.